Inrobics rehab

Assessment and Results

INROBICS Analytics

Digitalization of all patient performance data

Active Measurement

The most advanced assessment and results system

Inrobics Analytics measures the patient during their rehabilitation session up to 30 times per second through continuous monitoring and active measurement. It can reduce the workload of the professional by up to 90% and motivates patients as they can see their progress in a detailed manner


3D Technology for Data Collection

We utilize a 3D camera and a heart rate control bracelet to monitor and record the patient’s movements. The 3D technology provides a more accurate and detailed representation of body movement and posture during the session, as well as a three-dimensional study of movement, offering information about speed, acceleration, range of motion, and other parameters that are challenging to accurately measure using 2D methods.


Inrobics Clinic App

The Inrobics solution also includes a tablet with the Inrobics Clinic App, where therapists can access evaluation and results data, as well as configure rehabilitation sessions. We provide various results: session execution, goniometry, trunk deviation, heart rate, attention, reaction time, etc.

Cloud System

The cloud where rehabilitation session information is stored. It's one of the tools used to analyze patients' progress in detail. Accessible from any mobile device through the Inrobics App.


We strive to ensure that our users' data is fully protected. We implement rigorous security measures at all stages of the process, from data collection and storage to transmission and usage. We work with certified healthcare providers for our services. We are committed to maintaining users' confidentiality and privacy, ensuring a secure and reliable experience.