The evolution of assistive social robots

evolución de los robots sociales asistenciales

Robotics is transforming the way we interact with the world around us and with each other. The concept of a robot, though it may vary in interpretation among scientists, is generally defined as a programmable machine capable of manipulating objects and performing tasks that were previously exclusive to humans. This definition encompasses everything from physical […]

How to Boost Cognitive Stimulation in Older Adults

estimulación cognitiva en adultos mayores

The aging process is an inevitable chapter in all of our lives. As we age, we experience a series of changes, both physical and psychological, as well as social. However, instead of fearing aging, we can embrace it as an opportunity for growth and continued development. Cognitive stimulation in older adults has become a valuable […]

IoMT: Present and Future for Internet of Things in Medicine


Technological advances have had a significant impact across various sectors, and medicine is no exception. In this digital era, one of the most promising innovations is the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), an interconnection of medical devices and information systems through the internet. The primary goal of IoMT is to enhance healthcare by enabling real-time […]

Generative Artificial Intelligence, what it is and how it works

Generative AI is perhaps the most well-known among all existing types, probably due to the widely renowned OpenAI’s chatbot, ChatGPT. It’s a type of AI capable of creating new content, functioning based on Deep Learning. But what exactly is Generative Artificial Intelligence, and how does it work? What is Deep Learning exactly? How does it […]

Ethical Challenges of Robotics in Healthcare

desafíos éticos de la robótica

In recent decades, the relationship between robotics and healthcare has reached unprecedented levels. Technological advances in this field continue to enhance diagnostic accuracy, patient care efficiency, and the optimization of medical treatments. However, this rapid development is not without fundamental ethical controversies that must be addressed from the perspectives of both healthcare professionals and technology […]

Neuroplasticity: what it is, its importance, and how it can be enhanced


Acquired brain damage (ABD) is a term that encompasses a range of injuries to the brain that typically manifest suddenly or unexpectedly. These injuries can lead to changes in a person’s independence, health, and autonomy, significantly impacting their quality of life. Common causes of ABD include strokes, both ischemic and hemorrhagic, and traumatic brain injuries […]

The revolution of Artificial Intelligence usage in the healthcare sector

Inteligencia Artificial en el sector de la salud

Currently, Artificial Intelligence in medicine is a fundamental technology for advancing healthcare in the modern era. From streamlining the process of creating new drugs, through robotic applications for surgical and rehabilitation purposes, to providing more accurate diagnoses, the applications of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector are diverse and constantly evolving. Fundamentals to understand the […]

What is collaborative robotics?

robótica colaborativa

Currently, the interaction between technology and humans is reaching an astonishing convergence point. Particularly, robotics has taken a leap forward in the realm of human-machine collaboration, giving rise to what is known as “collaborative robotics”. This revolutionary concept is transforming the way we conceive industrial automation and is opening new horizons towards greater efficiency. Simultaneously, […]

The possibilities of AI in neurorehabilitation

IA en neurorehabilitación

The possibilities of AI in neurorehabilitation are an ever-expanding reality. Artificial intelligence has positioned itself as a transformative tool promising to optimize recovery and enhance function in patients with neurological disorders. This innovative approach is reshaping the landscape of neurorehabilitation, offering new hopes and opportunities for personalized and effective care. A necessary definition to understand […]

How does the robotics market look for 2030?

mercado de la robótica

The consumer robotics market has a promising future, but it also faces significant challenges that will require innovative solutions and robust strategies to maintain its growth and widespread acceptance in society. Keep reading to learn about these challenges and the key factors influencing the development of this sector. We will also address forecasts and opportunities […]