Inrobics proposes a new rehabilitation model using artificial intelligence and social robots to help people with functional or neurological limitations improve their quality of life

Play-based therapy



The robot’s high degree of autonomy allows in-home rehabilitation, complementing the therapy of your regular center. The increased frequency of sessions results in a better progress of your child’s treatment.



We monitor and measure objectively the degrees of movement of children’s joints, allowing us to obtain accurate, objective and reliable data. With these data we generate reports for parents and therapists about the child’s condition and progress.



Sessions include powerful game mechanics improving the concentration, participation and motivation. We provide wide variety of entertainment content to maintain a long-term engagement with the child.



Our algorithms acquire knowledge of the child, allowing to perform fully customized sessions to the child’s physical and cognitive condition. Furthermore, the robot is able to recognize the child while creating narratives based on his/her preferences.

How social robots can help with therapies

Where can I use Inrobics

We are a cloud-based platform that can be used both in rehabilitation centers or in the child's own home following a personalized treatment prescribed by his/her regular therapist.

The Inrobics app

Our app enables you to control and set up the session with the robot. It also provides a dashboard with real-time insights into the child’s development.

For therapists

– Receive data on patient activity and results

– Track patient progress using collected data

– Modify the treatment plan based on progress


For parents

– Curated tips and suggestions from therapist expert to help support you and your child

– Gain unique insights in three focus areas: cognitive, physical and emotional

– View progress on range of movement, time of response, attention and more

Usage data

5 Clinical institutions
38 Health experts
511 Sessions
305 Engaged children

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Welcome to the next revolution in rehabilitation. Inrobics is an AI platform embedded in social robots with the aim of helping children with functional and neurological disorders improve their quality of life.


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